Has every color been claimed as a favorite?

Has every song ever been claimed as a favorite?

All the restaurants and coffee shops and dive bars…  Is there someone out there who stumbled across the locale, decided to check it out, and fall in love?

Tonight I was driving home from an event and noticed several Ethiopian restaurants.  My first thought was – wow, I haven’t had Ethiopian food in forever.  Oh, remember the food in D.C.?  What was the movie where the guy at Ethiopian food and was sweating and had like an IBS attack?

And then I came back to, huh – would I want to come back here to go to that restaurant?  From the street (and from Vince’s view which was passing by at 35 mph), my answer would be hell to the no.  And I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover – just like you shouldn’t judge a resturant by what you see as you pass by from the street and catch a glimpse.  But if I were to be judging a book just by it’s cover, this book looked like a rat-infested barely clean enough to pass any sort of inspection dive with dirty windows and empty seats.

And that made me think – does someone love that place?  Is it someone’s favorite place to eat and they look forward to going each week?  Is there someone out there that chooses that place for their birthday dinner?

Does every noun has a someone who has claimed them as their favorite?

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