the WHY

Why did I start this blog?  What is it’s purpose?  What do I want to add to the world?

everyone wants to add value, right? everyone (unless you’re a psychopath) wants to help and make a difference – even if it’s in just their very small corner of the world.  and if you have something powerful to share, are you not obligated by the moral dna to do so?

let’s think of homemade cookies.  there is a Stephanie that makes ah-Mazing chocolate chip cookies.  let’s say she bakes off a few batches, the sweet scent that makes you drool with anticipation of slightly crisp and a tons of gooey fills the kitchen, and people drop by unannounced to say hi or get a tour of their new digs, what does Stephanie automatically do?  she offers her guests a cookie, right?  legit, she does, she’s very generous with the cookie love.  she OFFERS the cookies to her friends, her family, her neighbors.  she is NOT hesitant to ring a door bell with a plate of cookies and a smile.  because they are life changing, right?  they bring a smile to everyone’s face – oooo! cookies!  and she’s definitely NOT afraid to recommend the recipe she uses.  and the steps she takes, sharing her best practices to get just the right amount of crunch to chewy ratio.  she’s not embarrassed or shy or feeling pushy…  she knows she has something people WANT.  and in some cases, they NEED because their cookie game is so not strong (speaking of yours truly).  she feels full and joyful when people are grateful and thank her and follow her recommendations.

reading is an obsession.  when I encounter a game-changer book / a life-altering read / a word symphony that opens new ways of thinking and being – I HAVE to tell people about it.  recommend it.  over and over and over.  (Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – I know there are a few people reading this that might have even been “gifted” a copy!)  when I am recommending the book to people, because it has been so impactful, I don’t spend a lot of time debating who I should share it with, pre-judging if they would find it useful or be interested.  my excitement and passion bubbles out – literally with my words spilling all over myself and the person.  when something moves you, can you hide the joy? the newness?  the fresh rejuvenation?  the urge to shout it from the mountain tops?

banana republic.  totally was an employee for a while.  simple, straightforward job, right?  hang up the clothes, organize them on the rack, fold the clothes, put them in piles with XL on the bottom and XS on the top.  and my favorite role, cash wrap.  where you get to be excited with the customer who is adding a new item to their wardrobe.  maybe it’s just a utilitarian buy – maybe someone was doing a bit of retail therapy.  but I was a part of making that experience so fun and thrilling – NEW CLOTHES!  and you know what I offered to EVERY.SINGLE.CUSTOMER?  yes, the Banana Card.  it didn’t matter if they were buying a pair of socks or 50 sale items – I educated them on the benefits of opening / having a BR card.  did everyone take it?  no.  did that make me feel sad?  bad about myself?  that I sucked at customer service?  that I should quit?  no.

So LeleGirl, what in the hell does this have to do with anything?

What I have to offer with PUREhaven ESSENTIALS is like the very best cookie recipe, EVER. It’s the very BEST book I’ve ever read.  It’s the BR card you simply cannot live without.

I’ve learned stuff I cannot unlearn – it’s been disturbing and horrifying and scary and could be called “unjust.”  I KNOW with every fiber of my being that humans / the environment were not created to be toxic waste dumps.  True, we are amazing machines that are capable of cleaning out our systems, detoxifying what we are exposed to – but at what point does the cup overflow?  Science is great – lots of achievements and growth.  But think about how SICK the United States population is.  The USA makes up 5% of the world’s population.  Yet we consume nearly 50% of all the prescription drugs.  Hmmm…  Maybe that means we are the healthiest country in the world?  Not even close.  Something like 26th in the world and below average on most health measures.  And for now, we will not go in to the COST of all this.  But you know, it’s YUUUUGE!!!!

PUREhaven ESSENTIALS offers a one stop shopping for personal care, cosmetic, and home cleaning necessities.  The products are SAFE.  The products are EFFECTIVE.  The products are AFFORDABLE.

You can control only so much in life, right?

You can control what you put IN your mouth.  Yes, you can…  We tell ourselves stories sometimes, but we HAVE that control.

You have control of what you put ON your body.  We have the choice to find products that are completely free and clear of harmful ingredients.  But we have to be informed.  We have to be educated.  And if we KNOW something important, we HAVE to share it.  And that’s not pushy.  That’s not “sales-y.”

I had a wonderful woman ask me yesterday, why do you do what you do?

I believe everyone should be aware of the ingredients in their personal care / cosmetic / cleaning products have very little data proving they are safe for long-term exposure.  I want people to be healthy and happy.  I want that baby girl at the table next to us to be able to have babies.  And for her babies to have babies.

The point?  This isn’t about ME.  It’s not about ME getting paid, selling soap, being a leader.  This is about LIFE.  Human life.  The life of the planet.  Not just surviving, but thriving.

This blog is intended to be a vehicle for me to shout from the mountaintops.  Not just about chemicals in our everyday products…  All of it.  The celebrations and the grief.   What are struggles and dark times and shadows?  They are what push us forward.  They give form and function to our stories.  I’ve concluded, for me, they must be shared.  Speaking the story, painting the pictures, my intention is that they add love and light and peace to our world.

I remember at the beginning of the epic series Lost, thinking – these people wouldn’t have SO many struggles if they would just open up to one another.  Be honest.  Come clean.  Communicate.  The characters were afraid, they stayed in their darknesses, embarrassed of letting in light.  But the light can heal.  It can cleanse.  It brings a new vibration.

There will be some dark posts.

That LeleGirl has been through it.  And she’s here.  After all of it and not knowing what will come, I am showing up to shout from the mountaintop.


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