Toxic Free Living – 3 Easy Steps to Start

Last week, I spent my entire weekend talking to people about Living Toxic Free.  It was thrilling and eye-opening!

I had a booth at the Denver VegFest.  A place for Vegans to come together, learn, share, and experience.  I brought my “These Companies Test on Animals” poster – mainly as an after thought.  The Universe nudged me to throw it on top of my stuff as I loaded up the car.  And what a blessing to have had it!

It was a conversation starter.  I had forgotten that many Vegan’s choose the lifestyle because of the issue of animal cruelty.  Duh!

I’d been all about Meat is Murder (thank you the Smiths), PETA, and WWF (back in the day that was the World Wildlife Fund).  As a 5th grader, my parents weren’t really down with a huge shift to vegetarianism.  So, I had to stick with what I could change.  My Middle School BFF, Julie was on a similar mission.  She was allowed to exclude meat from her diet (so cool).  She lived on a small farm with chickens, goats, and bunnies.  So of course I stayed the night there as much as possible!

Since my main concern about animal cruelty at that time revolved around the personal care, household cleaning, and cosmetics companies TESTING on animals and not consuming them because I couldn’t do anything about that and why fight a fight you are going to always lose…  Julie and I would spend Saturday mornings collecting all the cleaning supplies from her mother’s cabinets, calling the 1.800 numbers listed on the back, and hours on hold, just to ask about their animal testing protocols and if they could send us information.

I bet somewhere in my childhood home are stack and stacks of manilla envelopes from Proctor & Gamble, DuPont, and Johnson & Johnson.  Just getting the thick package in the mail as an 11-year old was a big deal.  Not that we knew what the heck we were looking at once we emptied the contents out.  But we were taking action!

So when I had numerous VegFest patrons snapping pictures of my poster, my desire to stop all animal testing was again revived!  And when I would start to ask these patrons about what they DO use at home for personal care and household cleaning products, I very quickly realized they were only focused on Cruelty Free – not harmful chemical free.

This blew my mind.  How do these people not know about this issue???  And then I realized, I never knew about harmful chemical free products until I had an unfortunate circumstance and needed to eliminate these ingredients from every product in my life.

You can DO better when you KNOW better.

When I saw the eyes beginning to glaze over, I realized that this topic, my message, the mission I am on, can feel overwhelming and scary.  It doesn’t have to be.

Are you ready to Live Toxic Free?

  1. be an ingredient detective.  you don’t have to know all the ingredients of every single product.  chances are, if you cannot pronounce it, it’s a synthetic ingredient, made by man, in a lab, and more often than not, contaminated with unknown yuck.  so be curious, turn your products around – don’t believe the marketing, because that’s all it is – marketing.  what really matters is what’s IN the product, not what the company says about their product.
  2. choose ONE  area to begin changing over.  start with a product you use every day, or almost every day.  do you shower almost every day?  perhaps shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel would be a place to begin.  do you swipe your pit with a stick each morning?  maybe start with deodorant?  as you run out of hand soap, replace it with a toxic free version.  this will mean you might have to be more vigilant and plan – but slowly replacing as you run out is a great way to replace your products in about a year’s time.
  3. find a company that offers everything you need.  make sure the company can be trusted 150%.  who has time for reading labels?  well, not really many people.  find a toxic free living consultant (like ME!) to work with.  i have dedicated the last three and a half years to researching and learning about this topic.  i endorse PUREhaven Essentials.  their products use the best of the best ingredients.  and they do not compromise on certain products here and there – many companies offer a good A but their B includes harmful ingredients.  ain’t nobody got time for that!

There you have it.  Three easy steps to starting living a toxic free life.

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