I've only read two books about "death."  And one of them was really more about Heaven, not really so much death because the author totally lived to tell his tale of Heaven.  Ok, so I've read only one.  One book by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  She's totally famous because of those 5 Stages of Grief model.  I … Continue reading g-cycles


HA!  I just realized that almost all my "titles" have included question marks.  What's up with that? No.  For reals.  Why do I do that? I'm working on what this blog will be "all about."   If you know me, even a baby bit, you know I'm kinda all over the place.  I don't necessarily … Continue reading ???

the WHY

Why did I start this blog?  What is it's purpose?  What do I want to add to the world? everyone wants to add value, right? everyone (unless you're a psychopath) wants to help and make a difference - even if it's in just their very small corner of the world.  and if you have something … Continue reading the WHY